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Radical Meeting Tips

Sometimes leading meetings differently is a matter of small but radical adjustments. You will find these small adjustments packaged in easy to grasp radical meeting tips.

Why do I call these meeting tips radical? Because if well applied, you will notice that participants will start engaging much more. This means their sense of ownership will grow and result will be easier achieved.

3 Radical Meeting Tips

  • #1 ‘Often work in small groups’. For a fruitful conversation with all the diversity you have in the room.


  • #2 ‘Great presentations at your meetings’. Get around the boring presentations in meetings.


  • #3 ‘Make your meetings optional’. A great way to increase engagement and ownership.

Take your meeting leadership to the next level

Quick Starters

Make a quick head start with your meeting leadership. Have a look at the Radical Meeting Tips! It’s completely free! So as a meeting leader you can hit the ground running with your next meeting. Try and experience how engagement and results get a boost.

Enrich The Platform

What is your Golden Tip for 21st Century Meetings? How do lead your meetings towards success? Meetings are a collaborative exercise. Always. So start collaborating and share your insights here.

1-on-1 Deep Dive

Working on your meeting leadership means you are turning your meetings into the breeding ground of your team culture. Your meetings will turn into moments were the team binds, bonds and achieve results effectively. Achieving that means investing a bit more time, so ask for the 1-on-1 Deep Dive!

Download 7 meeting tips

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