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Facilitating effective meetings: how soviet is your leadership?

Facilitating effective meetings is no easy task… I am on my way back from Kyrgyzstan where I facilitated a 3-day conference. Kyrgyzstan (for those of you who don’t know) is a former Soviet Republic in Central Asia. Hence,

You are your meeting rooms

Create an inspiring space! Tip number 4 of my 7 meeting tips (download brochure) is a reaction to all the poorly designed meeting rooms that abound in offices around the world. So many meeting hours are spent in uninviting,

Meetings can save the world (potentially)

Meetings can save the world (potentially)

And there it was, a small ray of hope in all the dark and gloom of 2015. Let’s face it: 2015 was not a great year: terror (starting and ending in Paris),

49 meeting ideas to spice up your meetings

Henry Ford would have loved producing our current day meetings the way he produced his cars. His famous ‘any colour – so long as it’s black’ would have marvelously fit the numerous meetings that are being churned out worldwide.

Who is the hero of your staff meeting?

It was a former colleague at my first job that ignited my interest in meetings. He got me onto meetings… and how to avoid them (see also my this post). But he did it in a strange way.

Clarify your decision-making process

Coming to a closure, also known as making decisions is always one of the most difficult challenges a group faces.

Recently, I was leading a workshop on meetings and many participants faced the difficult issue of decision-making.

Leadership in a confusing meeting

Sometimes I’m just a participant of a meeting. I cherish these meetings. I’m just one of the pack, do not need to lead the meeting and do not neet to feel responsible for the process. So if the process derails and we enter a state of confusion,

Innovation meetings by thinking as Disney

Innovation is not simple

Innovation is neither simple nor easy. When I look at the organisations I work with I see them struggling with their innovation endeavour. By definition innovation is fuzzy in the ‘where’ (where are we going?) and in the ‘how’ (how are we going to make this happen?),

Creating clarity within a meeting

The discussion heated up. I simply asked all participants, a management team, to take a stance by physically putting on a scale a coloured dot. For this growing organisation I was curious to know what the management wanted: more systemisation of processes on the one hand or more self-organisation and responsibilities on a lower level.

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